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Spotgard Concentrate of Concentrates


  • Manufactured by: Organic Cleaning Compounds

Directions: SpotGuard is a concentrate of concentrate - Mix with one gallon of water. Shake or stir well. Covers 800 to 1200 sq ft or up to 5 typical couches. Overlapping is recommended on heavy use areas. Minimum of 48 hours is required for SpotGuard to cure. 01 jet recommended for application. Can be used on any hard surface. If the surface is not absorbent, Spot Guard can simply be wiped clean once it dries. Since you only apply one gallon, carpet/fabric dry faster and less water also means reduced chance of bleeding on many delicate fabrics.

Commonly asked question:

Q. How did you get it so concentrated that I only need a little to add to water and cover up to 1200 sq ft?

A. Taf Baig, the founder of Magic Wand Company worked with David Oxnard, Phd Chemist, to come up with a concentrate that had a proprietary ingredient in it to make it mix with water. Magic Wand Company has customers around the world and the cost of shipping unnecessary water started the curiosity of Taf Baig. Then he focused on the environmental impact of all the packaging and shipping. This also reduced the cost of the product to you. Therefore, SpotGuard Concentrate of Concentrate is the only product that actually works on the sq ft that it promises. Test it for yourself.

Q. What is the best way to sell Spotguard?

A. Just ask the customer. Usually the best time to ask is when the customer is "jumping up and down" after you have finished cleaning and the carpet or furniture looks great. This is usually the time, even the customer has a thought about "how am I going to keep it looking this good."

Q. How do I explain to the customers that Spotguard is better? A. Most customers have had bad experience in the past with carpet cleaning companies using inferior products or not applying the protector correctly. This is a fear you need to help them overcome. You can only promise them that you will apply it correctly and they will be able to see the results.

Q. My customers asks for Scotchgard?

A. Scotchgard has unnecessarily gotten a bad name because of 3M discontinuing the product due to environmentally harmful ingredients. It used to be very popular when it was 1st introduced. Other carpet cleaners have also given it a bad name by not applying the right amount, thus creating a mistrust issue. But, the customers still refer to protector as Scotchgard. Same as referring to tissue paper as Kleenex. Search Engine as Google.

You simply tell the customers that Spotguard is what professionals use. It works better. They can buy Scotchgard from a store, but they can only buy Spotguard from you. The most important reason to use Spotguard over Scotchgard is that Spotguard does not overwet the carpet. It only takes 15 minutes to dry. (Think about the question your customers ask most often. Isn't it "how long will it take to dry?" So, why add more water than you have to?)

Q. I want to test the Spotguard?

A. Test it for beading and resoiling and you will see the results with your own eyes. Paper towels are the most absorbent for testing. Make sure Spotguard cures for at least 48 hours before you begin your test.

Q. Explain what surface tension is?

A. When you put water drops on a surfaces treated with Spot Guard, the drops pile up into a dome because of surface tension. Surface tension is produced by the force of attraction between water molecules. Within the liquid, each water molecule is attracted to its neighboring molecules, making them “stick” together. The water molecules at the top, however, “stick” only to the water molecules next to and below them. That’s because there are none above them. This unbalanced attractive force causes the water to act as if it had a thin “skin” on the surface. As you add more drops, the force of gravity becomes stronger than the force of attraction among the water molecules at the surface.

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