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Marble Polish


  • Model: SP-SMC
  • Manufactured by: Stone Pro

  • Best Polish for Marble Scratches, Wear Patterns, Dullness and Etches
  • Scuff Resistant and Long-Lasting Shine
  • Improves Slip Resistance
  • Fast and easy spray buff application
  • Safe for Daily, Weekly and Monthly Maintenance Polishes
  • Provides Depth of Shine and Reflectivity to Polished Marbles

Product Description: A unique polishing liquid. Contains a proprietary solicofluoride which creates a reflective crystal surface on marble. This also creates enhanced color and density. This will improve the life of your polished surface creating a more durable marble surface.

Coverage: Product will cover approximately 1,000 to 3,000 ft.� per gallon dependant on the severity of damage to the marble surface and amount of product used at one time. Do not dilute.

Directions: Surface must be sound, thoroughly clean and free from waxes, sealants or coatings of any kind. For best results, use Stone Pro's Formula 51 stripper before applying Marble Polish. Always test product in an inconspicuous area to test suitability for intended use. For floors, first sweep the ground thoroughly. Apply Crystal Clean only into bucket. Wipe dirty area clean using Crystal Clean and a clean mop. Crystal Clean is an evaporative cleaner. Since steel wool is used to generate the proper heat to create the proper reaction with the crystallizer, using water or non-evaporative cleaners will prevent the crystallization reaction. You cannot generate heat on a wet surface. This will dramatically decrease effectiveness and will cause a hazing effect. Also, excess moisture will make the grout joints sticky and likely to retain dirt and steel wool carbons. Please only crystallize on dry, marble surfaces. This is a maintenance product to be used on a dry floor only. Simply spray maintenance polish in a small 4 to 8 ft.� area. Using only a marble machine weighing 140 to 160 lbs. and steel wool pad grade #0 or #2 buff in polish until completely dry. Over buffing may cause slipperiness. Apply and repeat until desired polish is achieved. Do not overuse.

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