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HydraMaster/CleanMaster Spotting Kit HydraMaster Master Spotting Kit [HM-950-290] - $148.47 :: Pro Line Carpet Cleaning, Restoration and Janitorial supplies. - Pro Line carpet cleaning supplies. Modern technology for a growing industry.

HydraMaster/CleanMaster Spotting Kit


  • Model: HM-950-290
  • Manufactured by: Hydramaster

Master Spotting Kit™

10 Spotting Agents and Tools

The Master Spotting Kit from HydraMaster/CleanMaster is all you will ever need to work on spots, spills and stains. Just follow the handy reference spotting guide included in every kit.

Master Spotting Kit Contains:
Aerosol Chewing Gum Remover, Wet Solvent, Non-Volatile Dry Solvent, Volatile Dry Solvent, Rust Remover, Ammonia, Acetic Acid, Enzyme, Reducer, Neutral pH spotter, Spotting Brush, pH Paper, Measuring Cup, White Absorbent Spotting Towel. All spotters are available separately.Use only as directed.
Please read MSDS information.

  • A locking chemical resistant tool box
  • 10 spotting solutions packed in flip top bottles
  • Includes spotting brush, pH paper, measuring cup and towel
  • Laminated spotting guide included in every kit
  • Custom die cut high intensity foam holds bottles in place, even during transport
  • 16 oz. bottles gives you twice as much product as other spotting kits

General Pre-cautions:

Identify type of spot by evaluating: location, age, touch, smell, appearance, penetration and owner's explanation. Conduct a burn test to determine fiber type: using a butane lighter apply heat to fiber

Melts Doesn’t Melt
Fiber Smell Ash Fiber Smell Ash
Nylon Celery Tan to Black Wool Hair Black/Crumbles
Polyester Sweet/Fruity Jet Black Rayon Paper Grey/Crumbles
Acrylic Burned Meat Dull Black Cotton Paper White/Crumbles
Olefin Asphalt Tan to Black      

Material Safety Data Sheet


  1. Spills and stains should be treated immediately. The longer a spot remains, the more difficult it will be to remove.
  2. Blot up spills with a clean, white, absorbent material such as towels, napkins or tissues.
  3. Remove solid, built-up spill with tail of spotting brush included in Master Spotting Kit.
  4. Pre-test spotting agents in an inconspicuous area for color fastness. Apply spotting solution to textile and rub gently with a clean white towel and observe for color transfer to towel. If color transfers or changes, test a less aggressive solution.
  5. When spotting, be careful not to over wet the spot. Apply small amounts, blot and repeat. Agitate spots gently being careful not to rub or brush aggressively.
  6. Always work spot from the outside towards the center. This keeps spots from spreading.
  7. Following the product spotting guide, treat the stained area with each spotting solution until the stain is removed. It may be necessary to complete the entire cycle. After each product application, absorb spotting solution out using clean white spotting cloths.
  8. Some stains react very slowly, so patience is required. Not all spots, spills and stains can be removed because of the wide variety of spills and the differences in fibers, dyes, constructions and finishes. Some stains are permanent.

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