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Stone, Tile and Grout

Stone, tile and grout cleaners for cleaning hard surfaces like marble, slate or ceramic flooring.

Model Manufacturer- Product Image Item Name Price
SP-5X Stone Pro 5X Powder

5X Powder

Best for Re-Polishing Tan, White, and High Calcium Stones Added Shellac Helps with Polish and Reduces Etching

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SP-AP2 Stone Pro Aqua Pro

Aqua Pro

V.O.C. Compliant Great All-Purpose Sealer (Water-Based) Penetrates Like a Solvent and Evaporates Protects Your Stone from Water and Oil Stains ...

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SP-SES2 Stone Pro Color Enhancer

Color Enhancer

V.O.C. Compliant Adds Natural Color to Honed, Flamed, Unpolished, Sandblasted Natural Stones, Slate, Brick and Pavers Long-Lasting Protection From...

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SP-CCG Stone Pro Crystal Clean

Crystal Clean

The Perfect Daily Cleaner for Polished Stone and Surrounding Surfaces pH Neutral Cleaner No Streaks and Water Spots Evaporative Cleaning Action...

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SP-CCRTU Stone Pro Crystal Clean Spray

Crystal Clean Spray

The Perfect Daily Cleaner for Polished Stone and Surrounding Surfaces pH Neutral Cleaner No Streaks and Water Spots Evaporative Cleaning Action...

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SP-DCG2 Stone Pro Deep Clean Gel

Deep Clean Gel

Best Suited Polished Stone with Calcium Heavy Alkaline Cleaner Neutralizes acidic powder residue Removes Grease, Grime, Soap Scum, Hard Water...

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SP-DRPP3 Stone Pro Diamond Renew

Diamond Renew

Best for Black, Green, Red, and Other Dark and Tan Colored Marbles The Industrial Diamond Abrasive Powder Content, in this Unique Green Polishing...

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SP-FTS Stone Pro Finishing Touch Spray

Finishing Touch Spray

Maintenance for Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Limestone Counter tops, Showers, Tables, Walls, Glass Porcelain and Metal Natural Color Enhancement For...

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SP-FOR2 Stone Pro Formula 51

Formula 51

The Best Alkaline Cleaner/Stripper Available Removes Grease, Grime, Soap Scum, Hard Water Spots and Food Stains Great for Masonry, Pavers, Concrete...

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HD-AW105 Bridgepoint Hydroforce SX15 Tile Tool

Hydroforce SX15 Tile Tool

FAST Industry-leading 15" cleaning path allows you to clean 25% faster than 12" models Aerodynamically-engineered radial vacuum line creates a...

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SP-SMC Stone Pro Marble Polish

Marble Polish

Best Polish for Marble Scratches, Wear Patterns, Dullness and Etches Scuff Resistant and Long-Lasting Shine Improves Slip Resistance Fast and easy...

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SP-NT08 Stone Pro Natural Touch

Natural Touch

Best for Etch Removal on Marble Counter tops, Floor Tiles, Showers and Areas with Dullness Due to Chemical Burns Etches are a chemical burn to the...

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SP-OX3 Stone Pro Oxalic Acid

Oxalic Acid

Final Polish for Natural Marble Restores the Final Shine to Give Your Stone a New Look

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SP-PPS2 Stone Pro Porous Pro

Porous Pro

V.O.C. Compliant More Impregnating Solids Allow for Better Protection for Porous Stone, Masonry, Limestone, Travertine, Brick and Slate Surfaces ...

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HD-CH06QT Bridgepoint Premium Grout & Stone Sealer Qt.

Premium Grout & Stone Sealer Qt.

Cleaning and Sealing is Like a Hamburger with Fries! Your customers absolutely want you to seal stone, tile and grout floors after you clean them. It...

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SP-PS2 Stone Pro Pro Sealer

Pro Sealer

V.O.C. Compliant Great Water and Oil Repellent Provides Long-Lasting Protection Great Penetration for Polished Marble, Travertine, and Terrazzo...

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PR-82-830 Procyon Procyon, Tile and Grout Concentrate

Procyon, Tile and Grout Concentrate

A safe and POWERFUL cleaner! Penetrates the millions of pores in tile and releases the dirt and residues left behind from previous cleaning attempts....

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PC-D-456 Prochem Professional Tile & Grout Cleaner

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaner

Cleans ceramic tile, grout and other hard surfaces. Use on residential or commercial floors and hard surfaces, indoors and outdoors. Penetrates grout...

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SP-QC2 Stone Pro Quick Clean

Quick Clean

V.O.C. Compliant Best Tile and Grout Cleaner on the Market Great for Masonry, Pavers, Concrete and all Honed Natural Stone with Efflorescence Not...

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PC-D-405 Prochem Restoration Tile & Grout Cleaner

Restoration Tile & Grout Cleaner

For soil embedded on porous grout, salt and mineral buildup, hard water buildup, effluorescence. Restoration Grout Cleaner removes these soils with a...

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SP-SGG Stone Pro Stone Glass

Stone Glass

Adds Gloss and Sealant Protection to Porous Stone, Saltillo Pavers, Tumbled & Textured Stone, Slate, Limestone, Brick and Travertine Easy to...

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PC-B-464-4 Prochem Tile & Grout Rinse

Tile & Grout Rinse

Tile and Grout Rinse Use with Professional Tile and Grout Cleaner or Restoration Grout Cleaner for the most effective 2-step tile and grout cleaning....

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SP-UPS2 Stone Pro Ultimate Pro

Ultimate Pro

V.O.C. Compliant Chemical Properties Within the Formula Change the Surface Tension of Your Stone Product Description: A unique solvent-based,...

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PC-A-217 Prochem Ultrapac Renovate

Ultrapac Renovate

Prochem’s Ultrapac® Renovate is a highly concentrated, powerful cleaner that removes tough, deeply embedded greasy soils and smoke residue. Use on...

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HD-CH49GL Bridgepoint Viper Renew

Viper Renew

Use Viper Renew when all other cleaners have failed. It works on the acid side of the pH scale removing soils and stains on grout, tile and stone...

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PC-B-462-4 Prochem Water Based Tile & Grout Sealer

Water Based Tile & Grout Sealer

Water-Based Tile & Grout Sealer Provides long-lasting protection for grout lines, and for porous stone and tile. Features: Penetrates deep...

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PC-D-488 Prochem Wide Range Cleaner

Wide Range Cleaner

  Wide Range Cleaner Wide Range Cleaner is a heavy-duty alkaline cleaner for heavy, greasy soils on a wide range of hard surfaces. Features: ...

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